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If you’re in the service industry and are currently out of a job because the COVID-19 crisis is preventing you from working, I urge you to submit your details below.

Every day, until the crisis is over I will randomly select a different person in need.


Different Person, Every Day. As much as I’d like to, I can’t personally assist everyone in the Service Industry. My hope is that by doing this, other capable people will follow suit and join my pledge to help out the people in need in our Austin community.



Why I’m doing this?


I once worked in the service industry myself. I know what it’s like to live off of tips. I genuinely feel for you all. The good news is that this COVID-19 crisis will pass. My hope is that it brings our community closer and we learn to love each other no matter where we’re from, what we believe, our race or our political affiliations. In times like this, we only have each other so keep your head held high, this too shall pass.


This isn’t some sort of contest. This is serious.

In this day and age where everyone looks happy on social media, it’s hard to tell who’s going through hard times or who needs an extra push. So if you know someone in the service industry please don’t hesitate to share my message with them because it just might make a difference!



Submit Your Info Below for a Chance to Recieve $100


3 comments on “COVID-19 Service Industry Pledge

  1. I love how charitable and gracious you are Travis. You’re awesome and so is Vlad for putting together this website. I love you guys ❤️

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